can i simply buy 3D stuff and then import it into unreal engine ?

hello !

i am completly new to game engines. a few days ago i started watching tutorials
and reading the documentation - and i have to say : it is very very frustrating…

there is so much stuff to learn.

i read a very good advice here in the forum and i think i will take that aproach :
“make a plan - what exactly do you want to do ? break that into little pieces and solve the smaller problems”

so for my first project i want to do is this :

i would like to create a small town with streets,buildings and some NPCs walking around in the town.

at first i would simply place all that stuff in “my world” and then i can start learning things like :

  1. how to make NPCs walk
  2. how to add day/night cycle
  3. how to add lights
  4. how to add some simple interaction (press a button and turn on/off that light and so on)
  5. how to create streets

and so on …

now my question is : where do i get the stuff to fill my world with ? i dont have 3d software like 3ds max,maya …

can i simply buy the 3D models on websites like this and then use it with the unreal engine ?

i would like to buy this town :

and 2 NPCs

is that what i am looking for ?

i would like to share my game with others (non comercial) - so i dont want to download some illegal stuff …

do you have some other links where i can buy models/3d objects/game graphics that i can use with the unreal engine ? or do i always need special 3D software for that ?

thank you

  1. Either you create the stuff by your own -> use blender (it’s free and as good as 3ds max and maya) or you download them from websites
  2. In very rare cases you can directly import them into the UE4, because sometimes you will have to create LODs, collisions, lightmaps or you even have to export the textures from the files. But the models that you have posted above should be nearly finished to import them into the UE4 :slight_smile:

Collision =
2nd UV Channel =
3. Here are some good sites where you can get free assets:
I personally would recommend you to use free models when you are new in the game dev. scene, :smiley:

Mostly you can import several file types into a 3d program

Most of the time the models out there are not designed for games–main issues will be that they have high polygon counts or the materials aren’t designed for games with the correct use of textures.
For UE4 you also have to have them setup for lightmaps, and for best game performance there’s other things that can be done with meshes.
It’s ultimately best to create content with your project in mind.