Can I show examples from Epic to friends?

I’m amazed by the look of Unreal Engine IV graphical samples. Can I show in-game screens of examples prepared by EpicGames like: RealisticRendering or VehicleGame environment to friends or post on my private Facebook wall?

Hello Marcin,

At this time we request that you do not share any of Epic’s content in video or screenshot. We prefer to unveil our samples and demos ourselves.

You are however welcome to share any gameplay and assets that you create yourself.


How about this?

Can I show it?

I’m using the shooter game default weapon in this video

but the emphasis is on physics/destructible

Hello Jose,

We are okay with you using the ShooterGame gun to showcase your DestructibleMesh.

I would appreciate if you would disable the ShooterGame HUD however. You can do this by making a new GameMode Blueprint, and assigning it in the WorldSettings. In that blueprint’s Defaults, just set the Player Controller Class to ShooterPlayerController, and the Default Pawn Class to PlayerPawn.


You are allowed to show in-game shots of your own project, no one is allowed to show shots from the editor

Regarding content that Epic has prepared, and in-game shots of that… I dont know exactly

but I do know this!

Epic has already prepared all sorts of videos and so has Fighter5347

So just link your friends to this page to see all sooorts of videos of UE4 stuff :slight_smile:


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