Can I share my UE4 per-seat license with my team?

Hello. I have A question.

Can I Get Unreal Engine 4 By $19. And Use It In multiple Computers?

I mean I want to Get Unreal Engine 4 And give It To my Team Members.

Is It possible Or AnyOne Should Get His Own Unreal Engine?


Legally, the license is per seat, which means everyone has to pay 19 dollars at least once, the get the current version.

If this is for a school assignment, you could ask your school to pay the fee for you, which means everyone can use it.

EDIT: Regardless, as per below: everyone working on the game needs a license. However, you can always negotiate with Epic on license terms, they’re not so bad :wink:

You can install for other the just log in 1 time, or u can download the source code and compile the editor

Technically, you could be the one with
the full-source access, compile it
once and give out a compiled version
to your team-members.

Hey Lennard! I want to make sure I correct this misconception.

The license does not allow transference of the tools compiled or in source form to non-licensees. So even if 1 team member is the licensee he may not share the version of the tools he compiled unless his team members are also licensees.

Nick (Epic Games)

I also think epic wont care if a student compiles the editor for his designer friend so that the can make a game together but clarification would be nice. Allows their EULA to distribute the tools to fellow students/co-workers? Maybe someone can point to the corresponding place of the EULA?

I stand corrected then Nick. How about sharing the editor alongside with your game then - for map making? Is that also not allowed then?

Ah yes…the mod question :slight_smile: So the deal is this (per the license),

However, the Product may not consist
of or contain any Engine Tools nor
provide functionality allowing the
creation of standalone products
utilizing the Licensed Technology;

So - you may not distribute our tools (modified or otherwise) with your game. But you I have two ideas,

  1. Make your own simpler tool (with UE4) to make an editor designed to only make maps for your game. In all honesty you’ll probably want to do that. It will make it far simpler for users to make maps

  1. Make a plugin! Our editor allows you to create “uplugins” that you could give out to users to include in their copy of our tools. So you say to potential map makers - go pay $19 to Epic, download their latest editor. Then install my uplugin and you can now make maps for my game!

Hi Darth - see my comments above :slight_smile:

I do suppose its negotiable with custom licensing? Making a simpler tool is like re-designing the wheel, as all a map maker would need is the current editor, but without the code-generating aspect.

I do like your second idea tho.

All things are negotiable, but we’d honestly prefer people go the plugin route because it makes sharing things easier, and keeps you from having to handle the support burden of the full editor and only focus on supporting your piece.

Nick (Epic Games)

Thanks For Your reply,

With All Of this, I can Use Compiled Versions Of UE4 In other Computers. Am I Right?

So How Epic can know that The Other User Of UE4, Is Me Or some One Else?!

Hypothetically, they can’t check, but you wouldn’t be playing by the rules. If they do find out, you’re breaching the EULA and they can terminate your license if they do so desire, or take more serious steps.

If this is a business venture, really, take the legal route.

I clearly Understand what you say, But I Am in a country that i dont Know Why, But however Is Not Listed In the UE4 Licenses.
Our Team Was thinking to Buy This By A middleman And Use It for Our game. But Now what can We DO? we should Found 8 Middleman same As the numbers Of our team for separate Licenses!

I’d recommend contacting Epic directly, as this is valid reasoning from your side! Try and they will get you in contact with the right people.

Also see:

What is considered a “Tool” in this case? Are those parts of User Interface or anything within UnrealEditor module? I would like to use parts of Unreal asset pipeline like FBX importer and upackage serialization to allow content importing at runtime(just the low level stuff, not UI). Can I still sell it to non-licensees?


I think has largely answered the questions here, but to summarize re: the questions I read above:

  1. The license is per seat, and the tools/code can’t be shared amongst team members or other non-licensees.
  2. You can install the engine on multiple computers you own, but, per above, you can’t share with other users.
  3. You can’t release a game that includes modified or unmodified versions of Epic’s tools (unless it’s only distributed to other engine licensees).
  4. You can’t release a game that includes a tool that has the functionality to create a standalone product, even if you make that tool yourself (unless it’s only distributed to other engine licensees).
  5. The engine subscription is not currently available in every country, but we hope to expand distribution soon. If you live in a country that is not on the list, unfortunately you will need to wait until we expand the list.

EF’s follow-up question is an interesting one, and I’ve posed it to some developers. Will report back.

Responding to EF’s question:

If your product distributes or statically links against modules in either the Developer or Editor source folders, then your product is a tool based on Epic’s tools. Non-tool programs or games use only the engine modules in the Runtime folder.

Thanks Canon, everything is clear to me now.