Can I set viewport resolution 2520 X 1080(21:9) ??

Hello guys.
I would like to send out my UE Project into Beam projector.

Beam projector’s Resolution is 2520 X 1080.

But As you know, General Monitor and UE Editor have 1920 X 1080 Resolution that means
develop circumstance has limit by 1920 X 1080 ( 16 : 9 ).

So How Can I set Resolution convert 1920 X 1080 ( 16 : 9 ) to 2520 X 1080 ( 21 : 9 )??

And Which stance do I have for develop by this Situation?

Any advice?


r.SetRes 2520x1080w.

You can run it from a BP using the ExecuteConsoleCommand node.


Thanks. BTW I already did it.

That’s good solution but Shipping mode isn’t offer console command service in game…

I’ve confirm that Only 2520 x 1080 monitor can test resolution more than 1920 ( longest side)

So 1920 x 1080 can only activated by 1920 x 1080 resolution.
That means There are so many Example under 1920 x 1080 resolution, not over size(like 1080 x 1920 , 2560 x 1260 etc)

Somewhere can test lager than 1920 x 1080 but still can not found

thanks ^^

Instead of running a console command, try to creating a DefaultGameUserSettings.ini in the Root/Config folder and add:


I tried it in a blank project and it works:

  • FullscreenMode=2 is used if you want to start your game in windowed mode (0 = Fullscreen, 1 = Windowed Fullscreen, 2 = Windowed)
  • Version=5 is mandatory (I think it’s used to override the default settings, as far as I understood from the Documentation)

If it doesn’t work you could try this C++ function:
GSystemResolution.RequestResolutionChange(int InResX, int InResY, bool bInFullScreen)

If you want to preview that resolution in a lower resolution monitor, you’ll have to use “play in new editor window” mode, and set a custom resolution in Editor preferences: (this is your aspect ratio scaled to a FHD monitor, dividing both resolutions by 1.3125, obtained dividing 2520 by 1920)

To see the actual resolution of your monitor you’ll have to run a command to scale the screen percentage, in your case:

r.ScreenPercentage 131.25


legendary reply :slight_smile: Thanks you so much!

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Hi there,
I have done a packaging project for Windows using Version: 5.1.1-23901901+++UE5+Release-5.1.
But when I run the file from the package, the resolution of the running window is more than the monitor resolution. It is more in size than the full screen. Not like a floating window or default full-screen. I can’t minimize, maximize or close the running window using a mouse. I have a need to use Alt+F4 every time, only to close this running window. I have tried the above solutions but nothing is working for me. Or I am doing it wrong or something? Please guide me through this.

did you solve? Try Keyboard F11 . that makes yours window or fullscreen

from the command-line in-game: r.setres 2520x1080f

f - fullscreen

w - windowed

fw - full-windowed

if you want borderless it’ sunder project-settings → description (this totally tanks my performance it seems, ymmv)

bind the command to a key so it can be called in-app

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