Can I set up the sky sphere to be dark night, or I have to create custom sphere?

I found out If i set the sun height value to sub zero it will make it night-ish… Its still far not dark enough, and changing the "default " and “override” setting wont make it any better. Is there a way to make it work, or do I have to create my own custom skysphere?

In the blueprint , you can find 3 variables, Horizon, Zenit and Cloud Color Curve, look for them in the Content browser and edit the Color curves.

Ok thanks. I found the files, i tried editing them but nothing happens. Could you describe how to do it/ what to change?

Here is a screenshot of the sky sphere settings that we’re using in a game set in space. It should be close to what you want for a starry night sky.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.48.52 AM.png

I know about those settings, they didnt change anything but Anyways I found out what was the problem. I had an atmospheric fog which was corrupting the colors… Thanks guys

adjust zenith colour and horizon fall off

Uncheck the box labeled “Colors Determined By Sun Position”