Can I set the locked rotation constraint via blueprints?

Hi Community, I would like to apply physical constraints via a blueprint (no rotation, only translation) to a box when it is grabbed, so it stops spinning around.

Currently I can just set the locked rotation axis via the game editor, which is fine. But I would like to be able run against a box and let it rotate / move a bit. But when I carry it around it should not spin but keep the rotation 0,0,0.

Can I set the locked rotation constraint via blueprints?

To make a bit more clear: I want to change this values via blueprint


did you ever find an answer to this? I’ve been looking for the same thing :slight_smile:
thanks much,

  • khaz

I believe what you are looking for are these functions.

You can also try node “set absolute rotation” to true

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heya, really appreciate the quick reply but sorry, i havent gotten it to work.

im not using a movement component in my pawn - its a pawn class so whatever movement component is the built-in one. my capsule has physics on, and im using add impulse to my capsule for movement (flying) which, combined with the locked X and Y constraints works perfect and my pawn has momentum, bounces off world objects and doesn’t pitch or roll.

if i also lock the z constraint, i cannot get my pawn to rotate/turn, no matter how i have tried. so, now i’m trying to lock and unlock that Z constraint based on whether the joystick is reading 0. (0 means i lock the plane, !=0 means i unlock it so i can turn myself. i tried the “set absolute rotation” on and off (both ways) in there but that didn’t work.

if i use your first suggestion, i can get a reference to my pawn’s movement component from a “reference to self” and then pull the “constrain normal to plane” node you suggested, and i set all three values to -1, and it returns a vector output - i plugged that into the motion controller (from self) “set plane constrain normal” but that doesn’t seem to work either, probably because of my implementation. see attached image.

i just want to lock that z constraint yet still be able to rotate my pawn :slight_smile:

any suggestions?

thx much in advance!

  • khaz

you can use this : )