Can i set the intensity/attenuation radius of a spotlight in a blueprint?


I can get but not set the intensity and attenuation radius of a spotlight (component) in a blueprint.

I can set other light properties (inner/outer cone, source radius and so on), but i get no contextual proposition for setting neither intensity nor attenuation radius.

Am i missing something ?



The ‘Intensity’ of a spot light can be set with the ‘Set Brightness’ function. (see image).
I’m not sure about the attenuation radius, but the way I’d go about finding it out is dragging a node from the SpotLight instance and search for ‘set’.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much DanZaidan !

It more than helps, it answers the question :slight_smile:

I guess i’m going to have to try all those mysterious 'set’s, maybe that radius is hidden somewhere with a fake name^^

Cheers !


Attenuation radius should be in the details of the component window of a blueprint where you have that as a component.

Are you trying to adjust this during runtime in the blueprint?

Exactly: no problem for finding it in the component window, but i would like to access it from a graph (“construction script” or “event graph”).

You can get the attenuation radius from the light by placing a GET node of the light component then dragging off it enter ATTENUATION.

Thanks for your answer.

My problem is that i can get it, but i can’t set it. When i type “attenuation”, i am only proposed a “get attenuation radius”, but no “set attenuation radius”.

Hi uced,

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Thank you.

Hi Sean,

Technically, it’s still a question, but as i was given a workaround (playing with distance/intensity instead of attenuation radius), no problem to mark it solved.

I would respectfully suggest two things:

  • renaming “set brightness” into “set intensity”, to have a coherent vocabulary in different contexts

  • in case it is possible to set the attenuation radius (which i still don’t know), making it appear as “set attenuation radius”, so it can be found easily

All the best !


Anyone found this hidden function to set the attenuation radius of a light in BP ? :slight_smile:

Using ‘Set Brightness’ does NOT change Intensity. This is an oversight on Epic’s behalf when Brightness was renamed (not entirely sure why that had to be done).

Hi TheJamsh,

Using the Set Brightness node in blueprints does change the lights Intensity. You won’t see the values change in the editor. What are you experiencing?

Hi TheJamsh,

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Thanks, TJ