Can I set same speed for my whole animation?

Hello. I have some camera movement in my location. And I have trouble with setting overal speed of my camera. Let say it look like this:

1 key - Location 0,0,0 Time: 1s

2 key - Location 3,0,0 Time: 2s

3 key - Location 15,0,0 Time: 3s

4 key - Location 17,0,0 Time: 4s

5 key - Location 8,0,0 Time: 5s

My problem is that I want to have same speed of my camera movement over whole animation. Can I use some function in UE4 to make it automatic or just easier for me ? Or I have to manually change timing of my keys and constantly look on my animation to check if movement is enough smooth between all of my keys ?

Thanks and Cheers !

@ Edit: I am sorry for my poor explanation. I can provide some more examples and screens if that will be needed.

Hi Zernat,

Yes please provide a few screen shots of your camera and settings.

Hello, There are screens:

This is my camera movement:

And here are my keys:

I want my camera to move with the same speed in my whole animation. So I tried to do it manually:

But while playing animation I can still see some weird change of speed and pace.

Can I maybe fix it with some function inside UE4 ?

Hi Zernat,

In Matinee, on the Camera Movement track, right click on each key frame and set Inter Mode to “Linear” as shown:

Unfortunately it isn’t it :confused: I suck at explanations :stuck_out_tongue:

I will try to give You an example.

First movement is 10 meters and 10 seconds long
Second movement is 10 meters and 20 second long

I am searching for function that will help me to “transform” it to:

First movement 10m - 10 second
Second movement 10m - 10 second too

Or version with average:

First movement 10m - 15 sec
Second movement 10m - 15 sec

Is this possible ?

If I understand you correctly, all you would need to do is go to your movement track and distribute the time equally between key frames as shown, assuming keyframes are defining what you refer to as “movements:”

Yes, that is it. Problem is that movement of my camera is irregular, I mean my key’s aren’t placed 10 meters between each one of them. You can see it in screenshots.

I can do it manually but I want this to be perfect That change of speed (even very small) between keys are very visible in animation :confused:

If I am understanding you correctly I am not aware of any way to do this except having the key frames properly (evenly) spaced from the outset:

  1. If your first movement is 10 meters and 10 seconds long and Second movement is 10 meters and 20 second long: just move the key frame from 20 seconds to 10 seconds total so that they both go 10 meters in 10 seconds
  2. If your First movement 10m - 15 sec and Second movement 10m - 15 sec you would key frame the first at 15 seconds and the second at 30 seconds, again so they go the same distance in the same amount of time

You will have to do this from the start; You cannot adjust an existing timeline because going longer distances in the same amount of time will always result in an increase in speed.

Oh, I understand. I thought that maybe UE4 will have some function like that.

Ok, then I wlll have to fight with it “manually”.

Thank You for Your time. Cheers ! :slight_smile: