Can I set an AI to an Actor (not Pawn)?

Can I set an AI to an Actor (not Pawn), and how can I do that?

No, you can not. I also do not see why you would do so as you can make the ai do anything and you can place it in the world like an actor.

Just make a pawn and give it an AI and then use it as you would any actor.

What are you trying to achieve? The pawn class can receive input if you set it to receive input. You can also make the AI poses it and then handle the input inside your player character which in turn calls a function inside the AI pawn.

Yes, that can indeed be the case. You can only have one player controller bound to one pawn. If you want to control a character you have to handle the controls and tehn send the calls to the correct pawns.

There is a problem, that I cant solve with Pawns. It is not receiving input, while it is not possessed. And if I possess it my camera goes inside of it.

But i’ve set it to recieve input, and it doesn’t receiving it. I have a feeling that it somehow conflicts with player controller input. Can it be so?

But i am making a game, where i need to place lots of units. They all must receive input and be controlled by AI. How can i do that?

Send the input to them from the player controller?