Can i set aim offset's preview base pose as a blend space?

Hello everyone. I need to ask something. I want a character who can walk at 8 direction (i made it with blend space) and look around while aiming(i made that with Aim Offset) but when i can not set aim offset’s base pose as that blend space. Can you help me fix that or some other way to do what i want.

There are a lot of ways to do it. But the way that epic games recommend is to use this. If I didn’t misunderstand your meaning.

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Unfortunately that is not what i’m looking for i want to make character walk forward backward left and right while looking at one direction while aim offset working

Basically i want to mix that you send and this one Locomotion Based Blending | Unreal Engine Documentation

create a state machine for the 8 directional movement then save it as a cache pose
after that use the cache pose and add another state machine for the looking upperbody
then blend the saved cache and the upperbody state machine

Try to use this node. It allows bone locking for layering.
In this case, you used it to divide your skeleton into 2 parts (top and bottom). By doing so, you can control what each part should play.