Can I Set A Variable From Other Class Straight from Actor Object Reference

Hello, I am trying to change a variable from the “Actor In” out node which is an Actor Object Reference. I am trying to avoid casting to every specific blueprint in which I want to change the variable. Every blueprint that will come through here will always have this variable, but because I don’t ever tell it what class I am trying to access the variable from. It won’t let me change it.

This is how I am spawning the class in which I would like to change the variable on. I am getting the name of an Instanced Foliage Item’s Static Mesh and then using a Data Table to extract the class. So, the question is: How can I change a variable that is in the class that is selected by the process above. There are many different classes that can be selected, but they will all have this variable.

As you can see here, I am able to set simulate physics on a static mesh that is in the blueprint. Why can’t I change a variable from here also? Thank you!

The static mesh component is the child of the blueprint you have variables in. You would need to cast to the class it self.


Thank you for your help.