Can I sell UE4 assets in a different form?

So what I want to know doesn’t exactly pertain to the engine but I got the impression from my research that I should still ask this here. I wouldn’t know where else to post this anyways.
I’m about to open a store called Negative Space on and I want to have a lot of stuff to sell when I open up shop. I noticed that in the FAQ it says (and I’m copy and pasting this)

Are any revenue sources royalty-free?
No royalties are due on the following:
Ancillary products, including t-shirts, CDs, plushies, action figures and books. The exception is items with embedded data or information, such as QR codes, that affect the operation of the product.

I also know that Epic has no problem with people using the assets provided by them for projects, personal or commercial. Is it all right to use some of those assets in my store or even the UE4 logo with or without royalty payments? Am I reading the FAQ right or no?

The FAQ entry you quoted basically refers to the royalty exemptions section of the EULA. The plain English of that section says that unless one of the exemptions apply, you owe 5% gross royalties on every Product. A Product is a product that uses some of the Licensed Technology (i.e., the engine and/or the Marketplace content).

SO, if you make a game using the engine, it’s not exempt from royalties. But a t-shirt or soundtrack cd for the game is exempt.

If you have a store that sells content made by other people, you don’t owe Epic. If you are selling your own Product (as defined in the EULA), you owe royalties unless a royalty exemption applies.

As for assets specifically, note that you can’t sell them unless they are inseparable from the Product; you can’t sell them separately.

Finally, you can’t use the UE4 logo or other Epic trademarks without a separate trademark license from Epic.

Ok I think I’m all good. Thanks.