can i sell stuff

can I sell stuff on the marketplace

Yes, if it is of high enough quality. Have you submitted to EPIC?

Nearly everybody can sell stuff on the marketplace -> just take a look at this thread: + :slight_smile:

I belive that seller needs to be legally registrated. In our country It is a lot of bureaucracy if you want to obtain Taxpayer ID and tax forms, also you will need to pay for it.

I believe Unreal Marketplace will deal with individuals ie. you don’t need a formal registered company. In your country you just need to worry about how to report the income if/when you get paid by Unreal (via PayPal I believe)?

I don’t think there is that weird thing like Apple where you have to get a US tax file number etc?

As far as I know you get the money by bank transfer (so directly onto your bank account) :slight_smile:
The only thing that you have to worry about are the taxes that you have to pay in your country -> e.g here in Austria the revenues earned with the marketplace will be calculated into the “income tax”.