Can I sell games made with UE4

I’m making an indie game using UE4 and want to put it up on steam,though I wanted to know if I m just allowed to put it up. If not then what do I need permission for? Please help me, thanks

Hi Tabbby!

Read this:

Specifically the section labeled ‘Releasing products’

Yay! I’m going to be so excited to release my game! Thanks Unreal!

i just need a yes or no people


Can I publish my game using unreal engine

Yes you can but epic will have 5% of your games profit

personally I think its a “good” deal, since ur getting a triple AAA engine to work with, portability to nearly all platforms, build once and port every where!

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be charitable unto you.

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.


can assets purchased from marketplace be used in my final game? Are there separate royalties for that? Example: can I buy a vehicle on marketplace and have it be in my final game exactly as I purchased it? Not that I would want to do that, but just to simplify my understanding of it.

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yes you can use anything u get at the marketplace, no additional rolyalties beyond the 5%,

as a indie developer, this is actually a “good” route in my opinion, since an indie developer doesn’t have the resources to hire a art team to build your own art,

and I believe that’s one of the primary functions of the market place, to help indies get off the ground without having to invest heavily in generating art.

for instance, they released 20mill+ in paragon assets , and 10mill+ in infinity blade assets, both of which u can use fully, and which are fully covered by the 5% royalty.

aslong as everything u get from the market place stays in the unreal engine, you are good.

only thing you can “not” do is, take the unreal assets from the market place and use them in a unity based game or any other engine.


awesome, can’t wait to get started!

newbie here myself, If you get stuck, feel free to send me a private message, I will try to help where I can, the starting is the hardest part, once u figure out the basics, its all down hill, no joke. :slight_smile:

and I suggest getting engine version 4.23.1, version 4.24 is very unstable ( crashed like every 5mins if I was editing ), where as 4.23.1 doesn’t crash (ever) spent last 2 days editing in 4.23.1 and not a single crash during editing.


hopefully 4.25 fixes any issues. I want to use as new a version as possible to start so I can work with raytracing.


some good news : ray tracing starts in version 4.22, so its usable in version 4.23.1

so your all set, and you don’t have to wait to use ray tracing.

here is the actual info I got off of google :

[FONT=“Segoe UI”]To enable Ray Tracing in your project you will need to install Unreal Engine version 4.22.2[FONT=“Segoe UI”] (or newer), Windows Build 1809 (or the most recent update) and an Nvidia graphics card (either RTX or 10 series) with the latest drivers installed.

can I just but some unreal asset throw them together and sell on steam? being sarcastic been trying to make open world very large map game for over a year but never seem to find one tiny bit of help with all that unreal claims to be able to do all I every find is that every tom ■■■■ and harry make battle games or zonbie games nothing at all that would be even close to a survival game with AI animals and hunters so 99% of all information covers nothing to do with survival games so I can always do what 60% of the devs do is buy some asset throw them on to a map sell on steam sound GREAT So what I have found out that no one tells any one 99% of the unreal games that are on the market are not made in unreal they are made else where then move to the unreal engine so unreal is just like a empty lunch box its nothing with out the food inside would be nice if dev would tell people that the game was made else where and not in unreal engine