Can i sell game level designs/scenes as a base or Start for game developers to build their projects(using some assets from the marketplace that i bought with some i made)?

I wanted to know something, i’m about to buy a couple of expensive packages/ assets to use in my personal projects for prototyping and learning, but if i want to make a scene or level design, like the ones you see at youtube, basically as a structure/base for a game that i could sell on the marketplace that customers could use as a kick-start for their projects. But it includes some assets that are bought from the marketplace and some are self-made, could that work or does everything have to be made by me, because somethings i can’t make, due for me not being an artist even if i practiced a lot. I’ve heared i only can use assets for a game that i would make and sell on a platform such as Steam, but what if i make a semi-complete game and sell it on the marketplace?
I’m new in the unreal engine community and i don’t want to get in trouble or to be looked at as a bad person from Epic Games and the community. Thanks in advance :}

It depends on the useage license of the assets, but 99% of them is going to be no, you cannot include other marketplace assets in your marketplace asset. Period. This is because you are basiclly giving away and making money off of somebody elses work. Even if you are not including it all. The marketplace assets are strictly for your own projects and to be sold as a packaged game.

The marketplace is for you to provide your own unique content, its a business model, and like any other business if there are things you cannot do that you need done then you need to either learn or hire somebody that knows how to.

The only other thing you could try is to contact the asset creators and ask them if they would allow it, and possibly enter into a partnership agreement because they will probably want a cut if they agree.

Basically you’re saying i have to make a full project that customers can’t access to its assets files, such as making a full game (With the use of some bought assets) and selling it on steam or a similar scenario like that?

Yup, you got it. The end customer could not have access to those purchased marketplace assets.

Thank you :}

No problem, you are welcome! Could you please mark my answer as correct so that others may easily find the answer? Thank you :slight_smile: