Can i sell content that made with blender and it's premium addons?

Hello community, i have question about content that i made with blender. As i know - with blender i can make models to sell them. That’s ok, but what about blender premium addons. Can i sell here, on marketplace, content that was made with blender and it’s addons?
For example here i made male character -

In blender 2.8. I used here full pack of this brushes - Sculptors Toolbox - Ultimate Brushes - Blender Market for skin, lips + sculpting.
I purchased it, so i can prove it by shoving email screen of Receipt, for examlpe -

and then used. (I will hide my email)
Second addon - HairTool, it used for making hairs on the head. This addon not published on BlenderMarket, it is on Gumroad, here - Hair Tool for Blender
This addon also purchased by me, and, ofc i can prove this by email screen.

so, again, question is - can i use this addons to make and sell assets on marketplace?
I think that i can… but better be sure, cause i don’t want to waste time for job that i can’t sell.
thank you for reading)

I would suggest checking the license of those addons - is the work created with those addons allowed to be sold? My guess would be “yes” but check with them to be sure

thanks for suggestion. for sculpting brushes there is Creative commons whitch is mean that i can use them as i wish to
here is full text - Creative Commons - Blender Market

With HairTool there is GPL 3

and i don’t know what this mean.
Do i can use this addon for making my own stuff or not - there is no information about that. Maybe someone of you know better, i really … have problems with this licenses and other stuff…

Hair Tool with a GPL 3 license? That is from the plugin code? It is a commercial Blender plugin so the GPL 3 part in the code should be only to be compliant with Blender license source code wise. It shouldn’t mean that produced hair meshes and textures are under GPL 3 or anything. On the developer gumroad and blog pages there is nothing about GPL 3 license for produced meshes. He is selling his own commercial plugin for Blender like many others. What you create with it is yours to use royalty free unless stated otherwise.

Are you sure? I contacted with HairTool developer on it’s discord chat and he told me that i can do what i wish to, but… it’s not written in any license form.
I need something like documentally prove that i can use my work as i wish to.
I am not … juridic specialis or whatever … i not underestand many things in copyrights and other stuff and i… fear that my work will be wasted.

On blendermarket I bought the AutoRigPro for Blender plugin… in some of its python scripts code files there is GPL license like this:

It doesn’t mean that the rigging I could make using the plugin is under GPL and I couldn’t export it and use it in any software.

Same goes for the commercial full version Archipack Blender plugin. In its python code files there is the same GPL license block. Along with this one too:

It doesn’t mean that the meshes created with the plugin can’t be redistributed or sold at will.

Many commercial software packages from big software houses include some opensource code under GPL license. That doesn’t mean
that customers aren’t allowed to use the software to create royalty free assets with it and use them to create commercial products.