Can I sell an asset with a material from KiteDemo

I want to sell an product (Grass) on the ue4 marketplace and I found out that a material from KiteDemo is perfect for my product. I will include some features (Dynamic Grass). Now i wanna know if i could sell this product on the marketplace. Maybe a silly question because i can sell it all my stuff and no one would know but i want be sure.

You can use those material to showcase a demo on a product, but you can’t resell it. You might ask to @WellActually from MP team, to give to you a more straight answer about this, but they might need to see the whole product before giving a final word, which in the end will be a rejection or approval.

Definitely check this with the Unreal team. The licencing agreements for the stuff Epic release, has the caveat that you can’t use it to release a product in a non-Unreal engine. So none of your customers could use it in a Unity/CryEgine/Lumberyard game, which they can do for non-Epic products.