Can I sell a game coded with Visual Studio Community?

Hi guys!

The title says it all.

I am wondering if I can release and sell a game that is coded using the community edition of visual studio or if I need to purchase professional.

I read through Microsoft’s terms and lets just say that I do not feel that they make this very clear.

Thank you in advance.

Even if you code it, there are platforms where the final compilation will not be from you (you need to send the source code), so it doesn’t matter for these platforms: IOS, PlayStation, Xbox. But if you sell something by yourself, or through Steam or GooblePlay, then it is your final compilation. I have read the terms and I didn’t find anything prohibiting you doing so.

Thank you for the response. So just to make sure I am understanding this, I CAN use vs community to upload to Steam and GooglePlay, is that right? It looks like I can. For anyone reading this, here is a link to the terms that I am seeing:

From this paragraph (I have to search for the original in english, since the MS website insisted on showing me the portuguese version) and giving bold font for the key words:

a. Individual license. If you are an** individual **working on your own **applications to sell **or for any other purpose, you may use the software to develop and test those applications.

If you are a company, you cannot have more than 5 users, otherwise you will need to purchase the professional version.

So, the answer is: Yes you CAN use.