Can I sell 3d models of consoles?

Hi guys, I have the question that it is possible to sell console models. I tried to put some assests up for sale and when I sent it to verify I got a copyright alert on the 3d models (I made them all in blender) and I don’t know if it is for a console (xbox one) that models as decoration, since many pages sell models of this console.

Hey there Sotet Farkas!

Yes you can make gaming consoles…BUT…you CANNOT have a “brand name” or a “brand logo” I.E. no SONY PS4 or Xbox One. Also it would help if you made the consoles look just a little bit different than the original.

I hope that helps.

P.S. You can take a look at what this Marketplace creator did with “his” version of a Sony PS4:

Look at the second photo (on the shelf near the chair): Modern Interior v. 1](Modern Interior v. 1 in Architectural Visualization - UE Marketplace)

And here in this video you can see that he called it an OSNY