Can I see real-time coordinates as I edit?

In AutoCAD I can see absolute coordinates of where my cursor is, plus if I am moving something I get relative coordinates also. Is this a feature of the placement editor that I just need to turn on, or is it something for you to add? Please?

This would speed up placing items and adjusting their locations.

Also, is there a distance tool? If not, I will create some ruler meshes to lay around the level.

Do you want to see absolute coordinates of your cursor in relation to your screen top left corner, in the PIE editor 2D viewport, or absolute raytraced point location based on camera viewport to world coordination in the game?

I am leaning towards the middle one.

I would prefer absolute world coordinates, plus relative coordinates from the last position (if I am moving something.)

This should be adjustable since there is no one way that everyone should do CAD. Implement all three of your methods, and allow a config screen to switch between them.

Another thought-- can we use scripting in the UE4 Editor to modify its behavior, just like Blender can be extended by python? Perhaps it could be done in a plugin? I don’t even know how much I don’t know yet !

Hey realmlord,

I am not sure if you are aware of the ability to change the Transform Location, Rotation, and Scale Relative to a Parent or Relative to the World.


I hope this helps you increase your workflow efficiency a little bit, but I have still gone ahead and entered a Feature Request for the suggested implementations.

Thank you for taking the time to enter this request as it helps improve our users experience with the engine.


Andrew Hurley

Thanks for pointing that out. When I type in something with exact relations, that will be great.

Showing a position that updates dynamically as I move the cursor will also speed up my work. They should “borrow” all the real-time interactive UI tricks from AutoCAD and similar tools.

Can’t. Software patent law and trademark licensing forbids you to “borrow” some software’s features, even if it’s the standard model.