Can i search rows in a data table by using other columns?

I have lots of experience programming C#, Javascript, php, ect.

However I am having some trouble with blueprints, and I am still trying to understand the unreal environment.

I have tasked myself to try to understand what U4 has to offer first and then focus on building something.

Thus, right now I have imported a list of names successfully from a csv.


I have created a structure just fine.

In blueprint i can do (get data table row ) and i can access the datatable.

What i want to do is, randomly pick an integer from 1 to 100. And based on the integer value, I want to search the datatable based on the ID.

Is this possible?

Is there a different way to accomplish this that i am overlooking?

Any comments is greatly appreciated thank you!

I understand what you mean, but as you said ‘ids are unique’ why don’t you put them in the first column instead of name field?

If i were you, I would form a structure like below


But, if you also need to find a row by using ALIAS, I mean an actual name.
I think you should make an another system for searching.

  1. put data tables to another handling data system
  2. find an item by an actual name from it.

Otherwise you need to find an item by traversing all items.

You actually name the column name:


That works?

Also cant seem to convert integer to name.


You can transform integers to strings and then to names.

“Also cant seem to convert integer to name.”

You need to first convert the integer to a string, then the string to a name.

Hey guys, just want to say how i did it. “Get data table Row name” return me a array of names from those i doing “Get” with random integer based on this array length, and this name is actually goes to “Get data table Row” and that’s it. Im using this one because all my names is text and not integer, and working just fine with my random generator but this one is not tested in stress, so recheck it if use it.