Can I run Unreal Engine 4 without GPU?


I couldn’t launch UE4, and now I noticed that one of the requirements in ‘Epic Games’ specs list is GPU.
I don’t have any GPU on my computer…

Except the CPU, I have all the other specs…

Can I run UE4 on my CPU?


Really appreciate your help.



you should have a GPU. I don’t know what your question is aiming for.

A GPU is the “Graphic Processing Unit” and nearly all modern computers have one. There are basically two kinds.

  • Integrated on motherboard / CPU
  • External Graphics card

You should take a look into the device settings to check what it is installed. Or just press Windows key and type “dxdiag”. There you can check your graphics card.

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U dont need an dedicated GPU as the GTX, with any apu should work. For example I can dev for smartphones with an laptop hp 240 g2 and ue4 version 4.22