Can i run UE4?

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I was wondeeing if my computer is able to develop a good FPS game with the following specs:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 2.66ghz
Windows 10 Home 64 Bits
nVidia Geforce GT610 2GB

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Of course you can, the GFX card is a little on the lacking side, but otherwise ok.

I only recently upgraded from the same CPU to an AMD 8 core, but still have a Geforce GTX650 and it runs sweet(was a bit slow before)

What are you talking about? You recommend i should upgrade my GPU?

It is functional and will work… slowly 30fps ish- i’m not forcing an upgrade on you :slight_smile:

Upgrading your GFX card will not massively improve things for you - as the CPU/RAM will bottle neck it.

I will upgrade my GPU to NVIDIA GTX650, you think this will help a lot?

Not enough to make it worth it.

Even if you stuck a Titan into that machine, you will NOT get a big improvement in performance. the rest of the machine is the bottleneck.

quadcore running ddr2 and quadcore running ddr3 … DDR3 version is DOUBLE the speed, not counting all the inherent improvements in the CPU as well.

I used to run the same CPU, it worked fine, but would barely break 60fps. lighting build times were soooooooooo painful.

God, what about the UE4 recommend system requeriments? its says Recommended: 8GB Ram, OS Win 8+, GPU Directx11 capable, QuadCore CPU

I will test the lastest build to see what happens

If i upgrade to GTX 650 like your old specs, which fps rate you think i’ll get?

omg man 60 fps is fine for me, i just want to build a simple game like Special Force 2

■■■■, then i will choose unity or udk3, ue4 requires to much money (specs) for my budget :’(

barely 60 with the rest of the kit. in the fps template.

once you start making the level, i would drop down to 40fps, and when more complicated, sometimes 20fps, even with just basic materials on a smallish terrain.

Upgraded the rest of the PC(not the GFX) and its always 60+ regardless of what i do. i think i hit the vsync limit nonstop.

That’s at max 60… not average

check the specs before buying anything - your existing card and my GTX650 are so closely matched, its not worth the upgrade.

You can still make a game in UE4 - its just in-editor you will not have ideal performance.

Also, in-editor, game performance is lower than running it standalone, so dont take that as an indicator of end user experience.

ohhh thanks a lot for your answers <3