can i run ue4 on this laptop?

hello guys …
i have a vaio laptop with this configuration … i want to know can i run ue4 with a good or at least normal speed ?

CPU : Quad Core i7 1.73Ghz up to 2.93 with turbo boost
GPU :’ GeForce 310M 512MB Dedicated with CUDA
RAM : 2x 2GB (I have plan to upgarde up to 2 x 4GB)

it will struggle with the graphics and ram.

It’ll struggle full stop. The i7 QM series are both outdated and not suitable for desktop applications, they’re intended for higher end mobile devices. The GPU is also useless, and it’s unlikely the memory will be sufficient.

UE4 will probably run, but I wouldn’t expect it to run at a usable frame rate.

i need for mobile games development so i don’t need many detail on a project, what do you think is it suitable for developing mobile and casual games on this laptop ?

You could just look at the system requirements:

Note that this is for desktop hardware. Laptop equivalents will need to be more modern. I’m using an i7-4600MQ and a GTX780m, which runs reasonably well for lightweight applications, but struggles somewhat with the high-end samples.

you might be able to get away with it, just the editor will be so slow you will want to throw it at the wall.
if this is your only option, an ssd and as much ram as it will handle will speed it up no end.

im using an asus laptop, i5 3337i, terrible graphics 720m, 12gb ram, ssd
when i had 4gb ram and hdd the editor was basically unusable even without any content.
the material editor in particular has heavy use of the hard drive, after an hour when id had enough of waiting (after connecting a single node or something simple) ctrl-alt-delete took a good 10 minutes or so to register.

Your laptop isn’t ideal either, but it’s still leaps ahead of the one the OP is talking about in every way! :wink: