Can I run my app from the Simulator?

It seems I am unable to build/run my game from Xcode directly. So how can I test my app in the simulator or do any performance profiling using instruments? Im very new to UE4 and evaluating it to see how it works out. I am an iOS dev using Xcode primarily and I would love to keep most of that workflow if possible. If I don’t HAVE to use UnrealEditor for normal coding and testing then thats best.

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I am also interested in how to run an app with the XCode simulator. Did you figure out a way how to do this?

Hi guys! I am hoping to help with your respective issues. Please have a look at this AnswerHub thread and see if it addresses the problem you’re having. If not, reply here with any additional info you might have, and we’ll try harder. Thanks very much!

I want to run directly in iOS simulator

Thanks for your answer!

Actually, we want run unreal game in the simulator instead of the real device. One reason is that the simulator offer by Xcode have many virtual device, we can test out game in all device rather than buy all the real device, and we can save our time for pushing a real device on the Mac when we just need a simple test.

I get the code from github, and I compile the UE4 Editor and create a project for myself.

After that, a reopen the new created project(my project name is MyProject) in Xcode. And compile MyProject-iOS target, the build is success, but when I select a simulator to run the game, the Xcode show me the message :

iPhone 5s cannot run MyProject.
MyProject does not have an architecture that iPhone 5s can execute.

Is there anything I miss? or what should I do before/after build the game target?

I have follow the guide in the website : iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS support for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation
And I success run my game in my real device.

Thanks for any help!!

I not that familiar with it but I wouldn’t think the iOS simulator would be ideal for testing out UE4 games. I know at least you wouldn’t have the same performance as the devices. If you want to test your game out for the various resolutions you can set the new editor window to the resolution of the device and play to the new editor window to test out.

Even if the performance isn’t the same as on a real device, running the games on different virtual devices using the iOS Simulator would still be very helpful.

Actually, I just made an iOS game and tested the different resolutions with the new editor window. In the editor everything looks fine and my UI is scaled properly for e.g. Apple iPhone 4S (Landscape) resolution. But when I run my app on my real iPhone 4S device, the UI is way to big (factor 2-3 bigger) which is pretty annoying. There must be a better way of testing the game without having to buy all iPhone and iPad devices. Using the iOS Simulator, I get the same error message as junjie020**.**

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