Can i run it

Can my laptop run unreal engine 4:

CPU: i3 1005g1
RAM: 8gb
DirectX: 12
GPU: Intel uhd graphics

i am able to run the engine but as i start developing it starts to choke
So can I develop or shud i look for a lighter engine?

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Your system does not meet the minimum requirements to run UE4

Try switching to the mobile rendering path. It should help a lot.

what should i upgrade to?

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how to do that…screenshots would help a lot

It depends on your budget and your other needs in a computer. At the very least you need something with a discrete graphics card, your current machine uses an Intel GPU which is enough for what most people need but is not good enough for game development.

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Yes, you need switch your GPU but I’m not sure if is possible with laptops, of course you can use as external gpu with power supply but I strongly recommend buy new PC. As I remember before I get my newest pc I had similar laptop to your hardware spec with this Intel HD/UHD graphic series and basically Unreal Engine 4 work but I get less fps than my better PC, and of course I setting up lower graphic settings in unreal.

goto newegg dot ca get a 710 gf card that supports dx12 for 70 bucks DONT buy into the higher end over priced garbage

You’d need to get a new computer entirely, laptops don’t have much upgradeability. The other specs aren’t great either, but the GPU is very important

what are the specs of ur newest pc?

Radeon rx570 8gb Ryzen7 2600 32gb ram integrated audio card but I think I get Ryzen 9 soon.
And in this case I have 120 fps at high settings when I load empty map but with custom map with many assets I have around 80 fps.

Yesterday(1/1/2021) i was starting out a project, a racing game and all i did for 2 hours was create a project and replace a static mesh with my own and done…the engine crashed…i now have no other option but to leave making games and make small games like flappy bird in python.

You may find going back to an older / more stable version like 4.18 (or even 4.10) works well enough as a learning platform for now (based on ^ those ^ specs esp). Otherwise, this is Unreal NOT Godot! So there’s no escape, as good visuals always come with a price. The specs above aren’t even good enough to run UDK well. :wink:

Hello, I also have an Intel Core i3 1005G1, I was told that I can do small projects with it and get started, is this true?

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You can try it but chances are that performance will be so bad that you would have a very hard time doing development

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