Can I rig two or more skeletal meshes together?

I’m trying to simulate deformation of building structure through skeletal mesh and IK Rig.
I used to try chaos flesh but it’s effect is way too soft and bouncy, also the not good performance.
I had done a simple frame simulation and it’s result seemed make sense so I try to advance the complexity of structure.

And below is advanced one

Maybe I missed somthing but looks like that skeleton has a limit that I can’t merge or link bones that extended from different way and meet at the center like below images

these place will be simultaneously dragged by multiple bones and make chaos deformation

So I make the roof and Pillar frame two skeletal mesh so they can avoid bones intersection

then I got another problem that I don’t know how to make them deform at the same time
I was thinking that socket or blueprint class can help me combine them but don’t know how or can I rig them together since I only created IK rig from single skeletal mesh.

Is there any advice or other method for simulating deformation of building structures?