Can i reuse animations ive made on one skelleton on another?

Iva had to make another skelleton using Human IK in maya for a new character ive made. The number of bones is the same, its just the prortions that are different. All the joints are
named the same. So my question is, once i import the new skelleton to UE can i then somehow use the animation made on the first skelleton on the second one, and will it look good?
The mayor difference between the two is one has shorter arms, shorter spine and longer legs.

Such differences should work, make an additive animation that matches your character with the animations to the proportions of the character without any anims. So you play the anims on the animated character and just use the additive track to give the skeleton the shape of the other character. This obviously only works if both characters are imported to the same base skeleton. If not youll either have to do just that or do a retarget.