Can I reset my unreal engine project?

hello, i was still working on my unreal engine project aoal2, when suddenly my computer screen said that there was an error and my computer has to restart. it did that automatically while my project was still open. After the restart, I opened ue4 again, and I received error messages saying: “Something is no longer there”. in fact, it deleted a lot of things in my game. If possible, I would like to go back to a point where it was saved and continue working there. I’ve been working on the game for a long time and it would be really ■■■■■■ if everything was gone now. does anyone have an idea how to reset the project?

Most closest thing to “reset” you can do is to delete “Intermediate”, “Saved” and “Binary” directory also Cache directory if it appeared. When you do that regenerate VS project files if you use C++ and compile the code.

If theres asset corruption there not much you can do