Can I Reset a Constraint After it has been Broken?

Is it possible to reset a physics constraint after it has been broken?

I don’t think this is currently supported. You could manually recreate the constraint in code. One issue I could see running into is that the body that was originally constrained might fall out of the world and get destroyed, in which case you’d have to recreate the body instance.

Can you tell me more about what you’re trying to do? It might be easier to just respawn the physical asset

See this question:

Would of that mean that we need to destroy component too?

you can use InitComponentConstraint() to bind exactly the same components again. just a little warning: of course it will bind in the new position they have now.
if you want to use new components, or a new component, simply use SetConstrainedComponents. you might have to cast into UPrimitiveComponents from USceneComponent.
This is a C++ solution. But also should work with similar functions in blueprint.