Can I render a video (camera animation) as a colored pointcloud?

Hello - I’d like to render out a video of an animated camera move but I want the capture to be in the style of a colored pointcloud. The only options I seems to be able to choose all result in the full mesh, either with wireframe or without. I’d like it to look like this:

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi jessekirbs,
this is not possible.

Hi @jessekirbs,

Although this is a feature lots of people would want RC isn’t there just yet!

Here’s a workaround you could try (it just requires a couple of extra steps)

Export the cloud as .PLY format then use this tutorial to bring it into Blender and render as you like

(if you’re not familiar with Blender there are loads of great tutorials and its not as scary as it first seems)

I’ve not tried this solution myself but the best I could think of