Can I remove a static mesh in the world via Widget bp?

Making a survival game where you have to kill waves of NPCs. When the last NPC is killed a widget pops up on screen telling you the nearby gate is unlocked and asking if you would like to continue. It has a YES or NO button attached to it. If you click the YES button the camera will pan to the gate for a few seconds then pan back to your char’s normal camera.

How can I have it so when the camera pans to the gate you see the gate opening before it goes back to the character. I tried destroy actor inside the widget BP but the gate is a static mesh, so that didn’t work. Plus I didn’t know how to get a ref. to the gate to the Widget BP.

I’d use GameplayTags. Add a Tag to the Gate StaticMesh and then use the GetAllActorsWithTag (or called something similar) node looking for StaticMeshActors. This will return an array containing all SM actors with the specified tag. If you have only tagged one actor, just use a Get node with 0 index, and there is your reference.

However, creating such events in Widgets is not the best practice, some actor should handle it instead.

Video about GameplayTags: