Can I remove a course from the Online Learning Home Dashboard

My Home Dashboard’s ‘My Courses’ area is getting a bit cluttered. Is there a way to remove courses from that area?



Having the same problem any help would be appreciated

Yes, I am also interested in this question! I first read the question Remote Course, I thought I’ll find an answer here about how I can cope with my distance courses in programming and literature. I dropped out of college and now I can’t figure it out myself :frowning:

I have the same problem. Startet to see the Introduction of some Courses and now they are on the dashboard. But I´m not interested anymore

Same problem here!
I started to watch the Introduction of some Projects. After that I wasn´t interessted anymore and now they are on my Dashboard.

Same problem. Sometimes you have to start the course to watch the intro, then it’s stuck permanently in your dashboard and is now half full of stuff I have no interest in learning.

Yes, please, this is a common feature and you could get internal information by counting, which courses your users like more and which not so much. :wink: