Can i register/ hook functions so if one is executed they all are?

Hello i am looking for a way to call more functions when a function like OnRep_Foo() is called.
I have a feeling that this is delegates but i have had some truble understanding them.

So am wondering if am correct or not?

If i have several functions with the same param numbers and data types for all the functions i want to get called.
When my replication functions are called on my health so i can update the client side stuff as well HUD or On Screen Messages…

It sounds like you could achieve this with a multicast delegate. But if you only have a few extra functions to call, it might be simpler to just call them directly. For example:

void OnRep_Foo()

The documentation has a lot of good information about multicast delegates if you’d like to go that route.

Yes that was the solution i went with thanks.