Can I pull a bugfix before public release? (UE-151099)

Hello, I made a bug report (UE-151099) which seemed to have been promptly fixed, which is nice! But I was wondering if I can pull the actual commit without waiting for UDK 5.1 to come out?

I tried searching for 20124494, which I assume is the commit hash, but I can’t find it on Github, or by searching in Sourcetree… “git checkout 20124494” gives “error: pathspec ‘20124494’ did not match any file(s) known to git”.

I tried just pulling the latest from ue5-main, but it seems to be in a non compiling state, at least for me. release compiled just fine.

If I could just identify the commit, there’s a chance I could rebase or something like that to just get that one bugfix into my working release checkout. But I can’t find the commit anywhere! Any idea where I could find it? Thanks!