Can I program with C++ instead VC++?

Basically I used to program on C++ using Code::Blocks, but I only can use Visual C++ for Unreal Engine?
That’s would be a problem, thanks for answer.
And If can use C++ how I do that?

You can use whatever you’d like as a text editor, but Code::Blocks isn’t natively supported by the engine. VS2013 for 4.9 and previous, VS2015 for 4.10 and up. VS Community edition is free and comes with most of the Pro features now.

Without VS I don’t believe you can actually compile the projects.

The engine generates project files for Visual Studio and XCode which are currently the only IDEs supported by UE4 as Jamsh mentioned.

I’m sure you could use code blocks if you wanted to - but you’d have to set up all the linking / includes etc, and I’m pretty sure UE4 executes processes from the command line like the Unreal Header tool etc… so you’d have to figure out how those are invoked and then execute the same commands during the build process.

I think you’d save a lot of time if you just switched to the community edition of VS2013/15 as Jamsh suggested. VS community edition isn’t bad.

Just learn VC++. It’s free and after using it for while, other editors are like going back to the stone age.