Can I profile my GPU from inside the editor or another software?

Hello. I have very bad UE4 performance on my PC. Actually I have very poor gpu - AMD FirePro 2270. I set lowest quality in “Quick Settings” menu, turn off all post-processing, set unlit mode and still have 10 fps. Now I’m just curious and want to know what causes so bad behavior. Is there any possibility to profile GPU from inside Unreal Editor? Or what is the best utility for that?

There profiler build in Editor

Windows->Session Frontend->Profiller tab

A quick way is to write PROFILEGPU in the console,
a window will pop up showing how long different operations took.

 (i don’t have any issues just showing an example)

  1. I write PROFILEGPU while playing
  2. A window pops up with multiple
    coloured bars
  3. I click on the biggest bar which
    directs me to TemporalAA
  4. I see it was the AA which took forever,
    so I change my global (unbinded) postprocess volume to disable AA

Hope it helps!

Alternatively, write PROFILE when you wish to start recording a session,
then write PROFILE again to stop the recording.
Once it stopped, the session will be auto-saved to UnrealFrontend,
so open your Unreal Frontend and look at the complicated interface.
You might want to read some of the documentation on the unreal pages to get started, but
if you can’t find any good explanations on the tool you might just want to trial-and-error like i did,
or wait for Epic to cover the topic in more depth.

Thank you. Sad but PROFILEGPU is not working for me - I simply have empty bars. Session frontend seems good, will investigate.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the Session Frontend profiler is only a CPU profiler, not a GPU profiler.

Well indeed you correct sorry for mistake :stuck_out_tongue: