Can i please get someone to rig my character for me ?

Here is the files i need rigged and ready for ue4.8 please and also whoever does these could i ask you to rig my future models ? please

Main Character

Main Character’s Daugther

Ghost Girl Creature

and yes i know about this but iam not that good with maya

You should search Mixamo Autorigger. Rigging/skinning is a job in itself and normally the people that are good at it don’t tend to do it for free.

The Mixamo Autorigger does it for free and you will also get to pick 20 free animations (Note once animation quota is filled, you can’t get more!)

It doesn’t do a bad job at Rigging and you can download it with the UE4 skeleton. Not sure if its the updated mannequin pose.

i already tryed it with these and for me it doesnt work with these models

Your File is 105Mb in size! And when I opened it in Maya you already had a skeleton in there and the Character WAS rigged. Perhaps it was downloaded fully rigged and ready to go?
None the less… I reduced the poly count on the model because it was at something like 180k, then I delete the skeleton it came with and uploaded to Mixamo, did the manual joint targeting and bam.
You now have a Mixamo rigged Character which is only 4Mb in size and still looks just as good as the original. :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping him Demrok! :slight_smile: I have my son this weekend and I’m working on a paid rigging gig so I couldn’t get to answering this post or PM messages. Community is Awesome:-) I also suggest he take these challenges as an opportunity to learn to rig and use Mixamo and the likes of but it is good for everyone to help and not be discouraging as well:-) Have a blessed day:-) One day he will be helping others in turn:-)

thank you so much the both of you so pretty much i just delete the rigg in it came with and retagert a new one in Mixamo ? and i made those in DAZ 3D

Ahhh nice :slight_smile:
Yes it looks like Daz 3D also gave a rig with your model, which I found was weighted and deformed well by default!
I actually, uploaded the full 105Mb model WITH the skeleton to Mixamo before I realized what was going on with the model.
It took a bit of time to upload but due to the poly count the web based model viewer on Mixamo was SO slow to respond, and that’s what prompted me to look deeper at the model :slight_smile:

AND to answer your question,
Yes! I just deleted the Skeleton that was in the original file you uploaded.
BUT I then cleaned up the poly count in Maya and reduced the amount of faces in the Jacket, Pants, Shirts, Hair, Handkerchief and Shoes. (There was basically a whole 2nd set of shoes on the model that I outright deleted)
After that, I uploaded it to Mixamo to test, and it worked great!
So the file I linked to is already rigged in a Tpose and ready for animating, or re-targeting.

This community is what makes UE4. If I can ever give back, I try to do so :slight_smile:
Good luck on your project!

thank you so much !

do you think you could help me out as well?

I’m a character modeler who’s not so good at rigging, do you think you can help me out with
a simple character rig, I do not want much, just somthing that’ll make a great character pose
for my demo reel? please, I’d greatly appreciate it.