Can I play my Unreal Engine game on a PS4?

As the title says: Can I play my Unreal Engine game on a PS4? And how can I play my game on a PS4?

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No, to be able to do that you need to be part of the Playstation developer program and then purchase a dev kit from Sony, to get into it you need to prove that you’re actually going to develop a game that you want to release on PS4, so if you’re just wanting to mess around then they’re not going to add you in.

Does Xbox have the same policy? In an age of free trials you’d think the leading consoles would be open to bringing in as many potential clients as possible, are they worried their OS code is going to get hacked or something?

Another question: Can I ‘render’ (make a file from) my Unreal Engine game so I can play it on a Mac or pc (Linux maybe) as a game, so, it does not run through Unreal Engine and just opens up?

ps: I run Unreal Engine on a Mac…

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Sure, you have to package your project in the editor. you will get a .exe file.

Check the ue4 documentation, it’s your friend!

Another question: when I go to file->package project, there does not show up an option wich says ‘windows’, so I believe I can not package my game for windows. What do I need to do to package for windows (to let show ‘windows’ in the menu)?

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For that to happen or you install it in a machine with Windows Installed or inside Mac you create a virtual machine, install Windows on it with Unreal, there you can package your Windows version. Be aware that inside a virtual machine the performance will suffer considerably.

What consoles can unreal engine 4 run on?

See “What platforms are supported?” here: Frequently Asked Questions - Unreal Engine

UE4 supports Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, however, for each console you must apply for their developer program and be accepted, after that you can get access to the version of UE4 that can output to that console.

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