Can I play a game I create through web browser with Unreal? [4-27]

My neighbor doesn’t have a gaming rig but I want to enable him to check out a game I am creating through his browser. This way whatever his specs are doesn’t really matter. Is that possible with Unreal Engine #ue4-27 and if so how would I go about doing that? I have learned some about the basic principle of Google’s Stadia, GeForce NOW, Shadow Rainway Gaming, and Playstation Now. My game wouldn’t have any more than 1-5 people starting but I would want to scale it up to a max of 20 people.

I am really interested in learning about this and creating a workflow to make this work. I also build computers so I can custom build a rig to support a 1-5 person session initially. Thank you for your help.

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You can set up Pixel Streaming, but that will require that you have a host computer that is capable of running an instance of the game for each user you want to be able to connect at the same time.

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Thank you darthviper. is that the most efficient resource for streaming? In that kind of scenario where the computer is running an instance would that focus on GPU mainly or GPU/CUP equal or CPU more? So for 5 person play, I’d need to run 5 instances on a single computer.

Are you just looking to share with your friends? If so then doing the streaming option isn’t going to be a good option for you, you need a enough hardware power to run each instance, which could easily be a dedicated gaming computer for each user. If you just want to share then there’s some programs you can use to make it easy to allow friends to play games on your computer by streaming but it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to get 5 people playing games through your machine no matter what method you choose.
The pixel streaming feature in UE is meant more for businesses that can afford the hardware and maintenance and want to offer customers a way to run a project without the user having a powerful machine.

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Thanks for darth, the last part of what you said I’d like to look into also for business. What kind of machine (specs) do you think would be necessary to run 5-10 person xp as you mentioned?

I think I remember seeing at some point a service for hosting streaming projects but I can’t remember where I saw that. I’ve seen some people here using Amazon web services, they have some hardware options that are capable of running games but what hardware you’d need would be something that depends on your project so it’d take some testing to figure out.
You might try posting in the Jobs section here looking to hire someone to help set up Pixel Streaming through an Amazon service.

Yes, you can do this on a Dedicated Server with Pixel Streaming. Warning, you are asking for a lot of setup work if you do it.