Can i pause UE4 installation and close the launcher and resume it later?

can i pause UE4 installation and close the launcher and resume it later?

Yes! :). When you re-run the Launcher you should see the engine in your library with a “Resume” button instead.

That is true…
There is a “Resume” button in the library…
But; unfortunately; it starts from 0%

Ahh. Shame, did you cancel/close properly? The only times I know that this would happen is if the program exited unexpectedly (crash/end task/power outage), or, probably more likely, an update was released since you first started the install.

If you think it was in error, please feel free to upload a zip of your logs folder, and I will look into it for you to see if there is an issue


Yesterday after pausing the download at 55% and closing the launcher, then after 5 minutes re-run launcher again… without shutting down my PC, and there was no (crash/end task/power outage); it was impossible to resume…!!

Today; at the early morning, the Resume button is working without any problem…, but resumed with 44%

Isn’t this a Strange issue…!!?

That is strange! Yes :).

If you could zip up you logs folder, I should be able to investigate soon. I will alert QA aswell to see if they can repro any issues.

Logs folder here:-
/Users/username/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/EpicGamesLauncher


Sorry for delay…

Here are the log files only for the days 9-10-11 March 2015 (the downloading period )


Thanks & have a nice day

Heya, thanks! However, could you just upload your zip directly here? That site has an insane amount of ads and forceful social media sign-ups etc. It’s just not letting me near the file

I’m very sorry… I did try to upload the rar file here; but I got a message saying (unsupported file, or something like that)…

Now; An idea jumps in my mind; it is to rename the rar file to txt one (just to succeed with uploading)… Once you download it; you should rename it again to rar, so you would be able to unrar…

Note: Do not try to open directly from the link you get… it will not work; instead… you have to download it

Thanks for your time

link text

The same problem is with me, I was thinking to start a new topic but I got this one :slight_smile:

My net is slow so it takes like 35 Hours for me to download full 4GB UE4 software, I was thinking if there is any other way from which I can download UE4.

As I have seen if I install UE4 via Launcher and If my PC get shutdown or such than the installation don’t resume,and it start from the start (0%) which is a very much pain for me.

Now I am trying to get the UE4 from GitHub. Hope it work this way.

All I want is a Resume even after I shutdown my PC , or some other file hosting in which I can download if it is legal.

I think it is good to gave a second download option if possible, So that slow net guys can also download UE4 and use it. :smiley:

Bye bye
Have a nice day.

Hi cadviz,

I’ve been going through all the logs you provided and have not been able to find any information pointing to the issue you’re experiencing. In this case we would need to get debug logs. You can the steps to get debug logs here.
This will give us more detailed information. If you could do this and then grab the two logs with the newest time stamps.


Hey people!
I have very much the same problem and even for me it always starts from 0% whenever i pause it and close the application. :frowning:
In fact, before closing, it gives me a message saying all downloads will be cancelled. My log files and his are very much the same!!

Pls. help! :slight_smile:


We still need to get debug logs to further investigate this issue. If you are willing to provide those, it would help us tremendously. You can the steps to get debug logs here. This will give us more detailed information.


Now The Resume Button Is Working!!! but still it is too slow …i wonder whether Unreal Engine 4 Source Code is the best way to download it from Github…im confused …

No reply for 3 days ? WTH !!! buddy if you are reading this please say that you agree with my opnion …

Hi JerryJason,

I’m unsure why you are seeing such slow speeds. We don’t cap download speeds in any way.

If you want to troubleshoot the Launcher issue, make sure to try these troubleshooting steps then follow the instructions towards the bottom and post your Debug Logs.

If you want to try the Source version. You will be downloading files from Github, so it bypasses the Launcher entirely. You will likely see the same download speeds that you see downloading from any other website.

Thanks TJ, The speed of downloading files from github is faster than downloading from Launcher itself…If I have any doubts or questions about Unreal Engine 4 … I will ask… :slight_smile:

I know I’m late to the party but I feel it’s important to mention here that while the progress bar starts at zero again, the download does not. The progress bar goes after a resume straight back to the percentage it had before the resume, but in order to do so has to check again what is available, hence it starts at zero.

Another way to pause the Unreal Engine download is pause as usual but put your computer to sleep (not shutdown / turn off). Whenever you wake the computer, you can resume the download from where you have left off.