Can I package my game through Virtual Box?

Hey everyone,

So i’m in the process of publishing my game to Steam, and as most of you likely know, they require you to have a Windows build of your game, however I only own and have acces to my own Mac computer. I have tried installing Windows using Bootcamp Assistant, but have run into various issues that keep it from working. I have on the other hand managed to get Windows running as a standalone using Virtual Box. The main problem is that since Virtual Box runs Windows alongside MacOS it has to share resources (ram, disk space etc.).

I was womdering if anybody has succesfully packaged a game for Windows using Virtual box. I only have 8gb of ram on my Mac, and when thats shared with VB, I only have 2gb to run UE with, so im trying to figure out if I just need to buy more ram.

Any thanks is greatly appriciated, thanks!