Can I package a game with an existing save game?


I’ve got a demo version of a game I’m working on. In it I’ve created a save game file to test various parts. Now I’d like to send a packaged version to share with a few people but with the savegame state already in it, so its accessible. Currently the save game is in: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\MyGame\Saved\SaveGames and the rest of the packaged files are in a folder on my D: drive.

Is there any way I can copy it across? or get it to save in the D: drive folder? Can I redirect the packaged version to a different save folder elsewhere? I’d like to send the game with the savegame across the web in a zip folder, so I can’t easily send it in its current state. Hope I’ve explained this well enough.

Hey Espii-

The bigger question is a matter of where your game is looking for saved game data. Wherever your project looks for data to load, the person who receives your packaged game should be able to place the save file there and have access to it.


Okay, but what if you really WANT to package a game with a save game without anyone having access to it?