Can I package a game test build as client with "built-in" dedicated server?

I’m working on a game which is intended to support SP and MP when it is done. Essentially it is a roguelike to be played alone or with friends.

As such, I have built it with a lot of logic being done on the server (replication: Run on server). I am now about to send out my first pre-alpha build to a small group of testers. The build only has one character enabled, so SP is the only way to play it.

Now to the question: Can I circumvent the need to also send a server build for the testers to run on their machine? Even if it is SP only, a lot of the logic is still expecting a dedicated server to exist. I want the client to essentially pretend to be the server, but can’t figure out how I’d go about doing that - if at all possible.

Basically I am after the same functionality I get by checking the box “Run Dedicated Server” in the PLAY-menu, but when packaged.

I bypassed the issue by adding several authority checks (Switch Has Authority). Called OnRep-notify functions manually where needed on the client with authority. This seems to be one way to solve it, but I’m not sure it is the best way.