Can I obtain financial assistance from Epic Gemes?

Hi all.
I heard that if your project is very successful, what epic games can financially support this project.
If this is true, what will happen in case of failure?
I apologize in advance for the Google translation.

You can submit your project here:

Your project doesn’t have to be successful, it just has to be something interesting, they’re looking for cool things that people are doing with UE4.

If you are given a Dev Grant then you are under no obligation as to what you do with it or to give it back if you fail.

I’m just asking in advance, and then later have to return ,for example,$ 2,000, and we have 50,000 hryvnia can immediately sell the house to repay the debt.

Yeah, you don’t have to pay anything back if you fail

Yeah you can get assistance, your game gotta be up to snuff tho.