Can I move two componenets at the same time inside of a Class BP?

I have A split door that Id like to open in the model. I’ll have one model go one way and the other model go the other way…I can do it in the level blueprint with timelines to a set actor location…is there a way to do it in a class BP of the Door??

Thank you!!!

Hey AttemptD-

To clarify, you have a door that you want to lead to one of two paths depending on certain events, is that correct?

So sorry to answer my own question.
But just so anyone has the problem.
It was a door that I wanted to open in the middle…One side goes left one side goes right.
I set up a trigger box in the door BP and created 2 custom events and fired them both via box overlap.
Each event triggered a “move component to” node. Worked like a charm. :wink: