Can i move attached object while character is in idle anim and more questions

i am developing fan remake of good ol’ Perfect Dark and i am testing enemy. He has gun, but when he is in idle animation, the gun does not (of course, because is isn’t attached to his arms,but it’s SceneComponent) move with moving of his hands. Is there way, how i can move the gun with his hands?
This is how it looks: (i am not able to include images in post. Excuse me, it’s pdbad file)

I want to have it always like this:

Also is it possible to change idle animation? The default anim blueprint has default the rifle idle animation and i cannot change it even when i changed the anim in Anim Blueprint/AnimGraph/idle (state).

And is it somehow possible to disable shadow of the gun, i am holding? It has weird shadow and looks like it’s floating. (Joanna Dark is invisible!)
Sorry for my bad english. I am not native speaker. If you want i can send you more detailed information.