Can I move a landscape to another project?

I’m making a small open world game and what I wanted to do is have multiple people make their own landscape and then copy them into my project to form a larger landscape/world. I know how to migrate assets and what not, but a landscape isn’t considered an asset and I’m lost as to how to go about doing this. Is it even possible to move a landscape not only to another project, but into a level that already has a landscape?

You can export the Heightmap to a file and import it in the new project, if you want to move a completed (paint, foliage added etc) landscape the best way would be to migrate the level map to the other project.

To export the Heightmap click on the landscape tab and under Sculpt you should see Heightmap under target layers right-click it and you should then see export to file.

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I can’t just migrate the level because I need it to be in the same level as my current level, not a separate ones. I would still have the same problem of trying to add it to my current level. Looks like the heightmap route is my only option. I was just hoping there was an easier way to go about doing it. Thanks for the help.

If you migrate it you can copy and paste in into any level…once migrated open the map that has the landscape you want in it…select the landscape and Ctrl+C it…it will through a warning about large number being copied to clipboard yadda yadda click yes you are sure…now open the level you want the landscape in and Ctrl+V it into the level…tadda copied and pasted…give it a try it should work just like that

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It works. Thanks!

It does indeed work but the terrain doesn’t have collision and it can’t be edited in landscape mode. Is there a way around this?

It work to me. Big thanks, !

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I fixed my horrific mottled looking, darkish terrain blotches by creating a new project, exported heightmap and no more blotches. I’d personally desire to know why ,no matter what settings I tried or removed,that I couldn’t get rid of the blotches which appeared closer I got to terrain and on play.

If I need to create a new thread so be it, so this is more similar or very like this thread, and also IF this is like your issue, this works great to fix it.