Can I move a function from one blueprint to another?

If so, how is this done?


Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V works for many things between blueprints.

Later versions of UE4 will not complain upon pasting in undeclared variables, but they still won’t be ‘there’ until you right-click them and create them in the target blueprint. Counter-intuitive that they show up on the paste but don’t auto-declare.

I did it that way. I was just thinking there would be some way to do it without ‘remaking’ the function. Like drag and drop or something.

Anyway, Thanks.

I built this tool (it’s free):

You first copy the properties used by the functions and then copy the function to target blueprints.


Very Cool!

I watch your video. It showed copying variables, but can it copy functions?

Function copy was added later.
I just didn’t make a video for it…

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Create a function in a blueprint(example- gamemode) and cast the game mode and call that function.

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