Can I Monetized UE4 Youtube tutorial?

Can i make my own UE4 tutorial and monetized it on youtube?

The FAQ does have a clause that could kind of be what you are looking for:

So I am probably going to say that you can, but with so many FREE tutorials out there, you are probably going to have some stiff competition. Good luck.

Monetizing on youtube just means an ad will play at the start and you get money if people click it. Most people skip it after the 5 seconds or have an adblocker

But most youtube tutorials are monetized. So yeah, you can.

Yeah I know what monetized means. I am asking if EPIC/UnrealEngineGuys allows it, anyway thanks for the answers @qdelpeche @pinworm.

I would imagine so. People are able to sell books with UE4 teachings. So long as its your tutorial you should be fine.

I don’t see why you would. You’re not going to make much money, it’ll be pennies and hardly worth the trouble. Allot of people use adblock especially on youtube, so sometimes you won’t even get a view on the ad.

It’s a free engine, be reciprocal and provide free tutorials… i mean it’s the least you can do.

It wouldn’t hurt to have it on, and it isn’t as if its hurting the user. It will take a while to see any significant returns depending on viewership, but all the same it wouldn’t be detrimental to toggle the feature.

I will argue that all education should be free and free from monetization.

I’m not trying to be a problem, i just don’t see how it can be beneficial to waste the viewers time and force people to sit through an ad just to learn something.

Take Epic’s youtube channel for example, none of their educational videos are monetized nor are any of their other videos. Look at other educational channels and videos, they don’t have monetization, why should you ?

Just my thoughts.

Many people use Adblock to begin with, and those that don’t will only have to watch 5 seconds before they skip. Most of the money from monetization comes from clicks rather than advertisements as you have to actually sit and watch the entire ad for it to count. If someone is offering education for free, does it really hurt if they enable monetization? You have many tutors who will sell their content at high prices. The worst that can happen on youtube is you may have to sit through a 30 second ad. I agree education should be free, but that shouldn’t mean the teacher should get nothing for their hard work and effort.

ha! I wish my giant student loans felt the same way!

Yes, you are free to make educational or other videos about Unreal Engine 4, and to profit from them. Better yet, no engine royalties are due on revenue that comes purely from linear video content that was created with Unreal Engine 4. So, go for it!

I’m not sure you’ll find many teachers who agree with that! :slight_smile:

People getting paid for creating educational content is different from paying for educational content. Through taxes teachers can be paid, and students dont have te pay anything could be a model. Although indirectly you still would pay for the content through taxes :wink:

Ok. I understand now. thank you moderators and Tim Sweeney.

If all education is free then teachers wont be able to feed their family. Just saiyan. :slight_smile: